When you’re in the middle of building new habits, it can be tough to tell whether you’ve reached the “breaking point” or the “tipping point.” As I wrote about this process yesterday, my simple poem suddenly became a prayer...



by Kim Aldrich

Once again it’s Monday morn

And once again I’m feeling torn 

By all the tasks I’ve pushed ahead 

From last week’s “overflow” instead

Of somehow making room to do

Them last week, when the goals were new

But now they’re stale and mocking me

As I attempt to wriggle free


I long to be a faithful scribe

To follow through and “write my life”

And do the “next right thing” so much 

That daily life feels “good enough”

I feel like I am getting there

Yet “overflow” is still a bear

Oh help me stay the course, I pray

Til daily habits win the day!


  1. Kristin on February 4, 2020 at 10:56 pm

    This is excellent! Thanks for posting!

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