Investing Your Inheritance

God has given you a glorious inheritance.

As a daughter of the King, you’ve been given a new identity, adopted into a new family, taught a new way of life, and granted citizenship in His heavenly kingdom where you’ll reign with Christ forever. And that kingdom way of life began the moment you said yes to Jesus.

Your kingdom inheritance is filled to overflowing with life, love, and truth. And now it’s time to pass it along!


God wants His people to be rivers, not ponds.

What’s the difference?

For starters, a pond has no outlet. Water flows in, but never pours out. That’s why ponds tend to stagnate.

A river, on the other hand, is a raucous riot of life. River water dances downstream, hurling itself from rock to rock, as it races its way toward the sea. Rivers bring life. That’s why civilizations have always sprung up around them.

Ponds are pretty,

but rivers are givers!

That’s also how it works in our spiritual lives. If we always drink in but never pour out, something goes terribly wrong in our soul. It soon begins to stagnate, because it has no outlet.

On the other hand, if we freely pour out the truth, love, and encouragement we’ve received, we become like life-giving rivers. Soon growth begins springing up all around us, both in areas we intentionally planted and some we didn’t!

The One who fills us with living water is calling us to be rivers, not ponds.


Stop for a moment and imagine yourself deeply rooted in Christ.

Picture your spiritual foundation built so solidly on Jesus that He’s squarely at the center of everything you think, feel, say, and do.

Then imagine yourself interacting with Him in such daily peace and confidence that even as you go through life’s frustrations and trials, you can’t seem to stop growing, learning, loving, and giving—nor would you even want to if you could!

Now picture God nudging you to invest in one of His daughters.

It’s possible she’s part of your regular circle already—a friend, neighbor, coworker, or acquaintance. Can you see her yet, is she coming into focus?

Yes, there she is.

Now, remember those struggles that used to plague you?

Those broken places in your heart you thought could never be healed? Well, she’s got ‘em too. She’s also got a fair amount of maturing to do. And like you, she could really use a Jesus-with-skin-on friend to help her.

  • What if you could do for her what someone else did for you?
  • What if your story is the very thing she needs to hear?
  • What if God has prepared you for such a time as this?

After all, you already have a fair idea of the kind of support she’ll need. Some spiritual scaffolding, a listening ear, and someone to point her to Jesus in moments when she forgets. So what if you took those first few awkward steps forward—and let Jesus knit your hearts together in a life-giving way?

Now picture this same girl two, five, or even ten years from now. Picture her healed, matured, and deeply rooted in Christ, with a clear sense of identity and an ever-deepening faith that spills over into love and service to those around her. Then picture her meeting a girl who’s in need of the same kind of Jesus investment she experienced with you. Before you know it, they’ll be logging some serious coffee-cup miles together—just as you did for her and (hopefully) someone else did for you.

Finally, picture the faces of your spiritual grandchildren, two, three, and four generations into the future, many of whom have been birthed and brought up before your very eyes, by those you personally loved into maturity.

Are you catching the vision?

Investing our inheritance

IS the abundant life!

Instead of desperately clutching our inheritance for ourselves, we have an opportunity to freely invest in others what we’ve been freely given. Whether here or in heaven (or both), I believe at least part of our reward will include the astonishing realization of how many lives Jesus has touched and transformed through our simple “Yes Lord.”

(that and the gracious way He accelerates our own growth in the process!)

So this is our “disciple sips” journey—the Great Commission with skin on. This is the rich, flavorful, full-circle kingdom of God at its redemptive best.

This is how we invest our inheritance…and leave a Jesus legacy!





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