Leaving a Jesus Legacy One Latte at a Time

What if making disciples could be as easy as inviting a friend to coffee? Seasoned coffee-date discipler Kim Aldrich shares biblical and relational principles that help you transform good conversations into God conversations... and coffee dates into discipleship!

"In DiscipleSips, Kim pours out a giant mug of wisdom. All we readers need to do is take a sip."
-Teasi Cannon


What if making disciples could be relational, renewing, refreshing—and every bit as enjoyable as inviting a friend to coffee?

This sip-by-sip guide will help you confidently...

  • Start God-conversations with ease
  • Share scriptural truth in a relational way
  • Go deeper with God in your own life
  • Allow Jesus to disciple others through you!

About a dozen years ago, I stumbled into making disciples, and since then I’ve seen life after life changed—including my own, as Jesus continually uses the "pouring out" process to refresh and nudge my own growth forward.

Jesus has called every believer to make disciples, and that includes YOU...

I can’t wait to help you start embracing the full-circle life you were meant to live!

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Hi, I’m Kim...

I’m an author, speaker, and come-alongside mentor who delights in helping women drink in and pour out the truth and love of God in relational ways.

As you may have guessed...Jesus is my favorite person! That's why getting to know Him, and sharing that experience with others, is what I love best.

I live in Franklin, Tennessee, with my comedian husband Paul, and spend my time juggling writing deadlines, enjoying God-conversations, and drinking cinnamon dolce lattes whenever possible.

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“The concept alone sold me on Kim’s book. There is a desperate need for relational discipleship. It is the most effective way to win people and build disciples. Add to that Kim's practical advice and compelling stories, and you have the recipe for life-changing relationships.”
-Ken Davis
Speaker, Comedian, and Author of Fully Alive: Lighten Up and Live - A Journey that Will Change Your Life

“I love this book, and I love Kim Aldrich. She is absolutely the real deal, and what she has poured into this book isn’t theory. It’s her life! Her transparency and deeply-held desire to help others is evident on every page. In DiscipleSips, Kim has poured out a giant mug of wisdom and action points. All we readers need to do is take a sip.”
-Teasi Cannon
Author of My Big Bottom Blessing: How Hating my Body Led to Loving my Life and Lord, Where’s My Calling? When the Big Question Becomes a Big Distraction

"Wow! Kim Aldrich has poured her soul into Disciplesips! It is packed with the flavor of life: friendship, loving God, and connecting women in a multitude of ways. This is the first 'manual' I have ever read that makes me want to be a mentor. The humorous aspects of the content cause it to flow from one chapter to the next. Bravo Kim! You have given the Kingdom of God a tool that will make a difference in the life of every woman who 'sips' its contents."
-Kay DeKalb Smith
Speaker, Singer, and "Funny Lady"

"This book is truly delightful! I was planning to glance and come back to it later, but I was immediately drawn in. It's engaging, funny, helpful, and inviting—like a pumpkin-spice latté on a crisp fall day. It's also everything a first-time discipler needs—real-life stories, relational tools, down-to-earth conversation starters, and scriptural truth—plus an experienced coffee-date discipler to walk you through the process!”
-Kim Avery
MA, Professional Certified Life Coach

“In its simplest form, a disciple of Jesus is one who lives like, loves like, and obeys like Jesus. In DiscipleSips, my friend Kim Aldrich serves up a wonderful blend of scriptural truth and practical insights that enables followers of Jesus to become fruitful disciples and effective disciple-makers.”
-Dave Buehring
Founder & President of Lionshare, Author of A Discipleship Journey and The Jesus Blueprint

DiscipleSips makes leaving a Jesus legacy as simple as coffee and friendship. If I’d known that, I would have started years ago!”
-Monica Schmelter
Speaker, Host of Bridges television show and Author of Right Sizing Your Life and Does This Make Me Look Fat?

“Latte and friends—how perfect is that? Life can get tough, but it is more bearable with good friends, a lot of coffee (even decaffeinated), and a book filled with heart-to-heart encouragement and hope, like this one from my friend, Kim Aldrich.”
-Martha Bolton
Emmy- and Dove-nominated Writer and Author of 80+ books

“If you've ever wondered how you can make an impact on the next generation but were too scared to take the first step, this book is for you. It provides a simple, approachable way to disciple others in this complicated, chaotic world, and who doesn't love coffee? Kim is relatable and uses real-life examples from her own journey to help you start yours."
-Kerri Pomarolli
Comedian, Actress, Comedy Central, ABC, NBS, and Author of Mom’s Night Out and Other Things I Miss

“In an age when Google will find you the recipe, Alexa will order the ingredients, and YouTube will show you how to make the pie, there remains a vital human role in Christian discipleship that cannot be outsourced or digitized. An apprenticeship in the faith is a face-to-face hands-on relationship, and is not something to be left to the experts and professionals. Kim Aldrich shows us that effective disciple-making can be as natural as chatting with a friend over coffee."
-Ramon Presson
Marriage and Family Therapist, Author of When Will My Life Not Suck? Authentic Hope for the Disillusioned

“Kim Aldrich is a powerful writer with a heart for discipleship, service, and reaching young believers with practical tools and resources to empower them to live a life of faith and joy.”
-Dr. Naima Johnston Bush
The Refreshing Life with Naima (therefreshinglife.com)

“Kim Aldrich hits a home run by reaching into the deepest part of our hearts where we long for a close and trusted friend to do life with. Just like a fresh-brewed cup of coffee, I find this book so refreshing and good for my soul that I will recommend it to everyone I know.”
-Rosemary Fisher
Author of Recycled Women, Broken Hearts Have No Color, and The Smokin "HOT" Bride of Christ

"God instructs us to support and love each other. This book is a beautiful blueprint, a guide to mentoring a thirsty generation. We all have something that someone else needs. Imagine with me, what if every Christian discipled just one? Our next generation would be a pleasing aroma to the Lord. DiscipleSips makes it as easy as sharing a cup of coffee."
-Sue Z. McGray
Regional Director of Christian Women in Media, Author of Becoming Visible, Letting Go of the Things That Hide Your True Beauty

"I worked in coffee shops for seven years and have been in the ministry of making disciples for twenty. So I’ve made a lot of coffee and disciples. I’ve also read every book on discipleship I can find, and have heard many theories on what discipleship should look like. We need more books like this that move out of theory into the practical. I highly recommend it to any woman who loves Jesus and wants to make disciples.”
-Jim Harris
Life Groups Pastor, Grace Chapel, Franklin, TN, Creator of The E3 Challenge and podcast (e3challenge.net)

"Kim is a vivacious, fun, and compassionate woman who’s experienced the freedom of Christ and freely shares it with others. Her passion to share the journey of walking with Jesus in such a personal, intentional, and consistent way with others is a model to be followed and meets the desperate need of a generation longing for connection and significance. If you’re without a working plan for discipling others, this is good place to start.”
-Keith Martens
Founder and President of Kingdom Ministries, Author of A Field Guide for Followers of Christ

"DiscipleSips is not just a book—it's a breakthrough that will inspire you to go deeper in your relationships with others. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the heart of becoming a discipler. Kim's savvy style will move you from a place of hesitance to confidence as you courageously follow the call to go and make disciples!"
-Kristin Franks
Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Life Coach

“Kim’s writing is a beautiful reflection of her personality—genuine, positive, fun, and endearing—guaranteed to inspire, motivate, and encourage her readers. I can’t wait to sit down with a friend, a cup of coffee, and DiscipleSips.”
-Paula Russell
Founder of Set Free From Me Ministry, Author of Set Free From Me and The Pastor Driven Wife, Co-Pastor of New Life Christian Center, Newport, KY

“Kim has been there…she’s been mentored, she’s mentored others, and now she teaches us how to mentor. She shares in a very non-threatening, practical, and humorous way that helps break down walls and build trust, so we too want to walk with those He puts in our lives. Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and sit for a few moments to be discipled in ‘friendship discipleship.’”
-Dr. Michelle Bengtson
Neuropsychologist, Speaker, and Author of Hope Prevails: Insights from a Doctor’s Personal Journey Through Depression

“Younger believers need the truth, and this book is full of truths you won’t want to miss. Kim shares practical encouragement and tangible steps we all can share with those who are hungry for a closer relationship with Jesus. She takes the reader on an honest and life-changing journey through each story and conversation. Pull up a chair, grab your cup of coffee and a friend, as Kim inspires and encourages you and I to leave a legacy…one latte at a time.”
-Jayme Hull
Speaker, Podcast Host, and Author of Face to Face: Discover How Mentoring Can Change Your Life

“Kim Aldrich takes discipleship to the next level! DiscipleSips is a must read for all of us! Mentoring for Christ is a mandatory art that has not been scribed in a book with such love until now. The tools she shares are a required read for these end times. Purchase your copy today and share the love of Christ in a joy-full, friendly style!”
-Keva Renee Otunuya
Author, Podcast Host of Encouraging Moments with Keva Renee and Friends

“Kim Aldrich creatively shares her experience and passion for loving and leading others in their relationship and growth in Christ. DiscipleSips is full of helpful principles that are easy to read and apply to your life and friendships.”
-Dr. Kristi Gaultiere
Spiritual Director/Mentor, Blogger (SoulShepherding.org)

"Kim’s witty, creative style is so engaging that I believe DiscipleSips will become a standard for women who love to help other women grow in their relationship to Jesus. She spoke and shared her expertise with our Women 2 Women mentors, and the relational and biblical training she provided was both helpful and encouraging. This book it will be a wonderful tool and inspiration for women who are seasoned mentors, as well as those who are considering mentoring for the first time.”
-Nancy Buck
Former Leader of Women 2 Women Mentoring, Brookwood Church, Greenville, SC

"Encouraging, equipping, and empowering new believers in Christ is our life-long quest to build lives of maturity, power, and purpose. Kim Aldrich gives practical tools to make discipleship intentional and fun.”
-Sue Detweiler
Radio Host, Pastor, and Author of Women Who Move Mountains: Praying with Confidence, Boldness, and Grace

“Every woman has a story. This book cheers each woman to live out her story alongside someone else—someone who needs to be encouraged in her destiny and her walk with Jesus. Kim's book gives practical tools for discipling and expresses the heart of God for living the gospel.”
-Elizabeth Hutchison
Media Specialist, Grace Christian Academy, DiscipleSips "pilot group" participant

“Discipleship always seemed a little intimidating to me, and even though I knew I’d love to do it, I never really knew how. DiscipleSips is so clear, practical and delightful—it gives real ‘boots on the ground’ to making the disciple/discipler relationship a reality. I love it!”
-Sandy Brownlee
Playwright, Author, Transmedia Storyteller, DiscipleSips “pilot group” participant

“I have a heart for discipling women, but I haven’t known how or where to begin. Thankfully, in DiscipleSips Kim provides a practical field guide for first-time disciplers. Learning from Kim's experiences and receiving her sound advice gives me confidence going forward that I'll be able to enjoy mentoring relationships, help younger disciples set realistic goals, and avoid common pitfalls and burnout. I am truly thankful to have been able to participate in learning and practicing the DiscipleSips tools that are part of this book!”
-Kelley Boyd
Real Estate Agent, DiscipleSips “pilot group” participant