I wish we had time to grab a cup of coffee.

I’m a cinnamon dolce latte girl, how about you?

If you enjoy talking, laughing, or tracing the thread of a really interesting thought, chances are we have a lot in common. Jesus has a way of bringing women together who are thirsty for more intimacy with Him and impact for His kingdom.

I’m curious...when was the last time your relationship with God felt deep-down satisfying? 

Two coffee cups - orange and blue (DiscipleSips FB page) 4-10-17

I know what it’s like to feel disappointed with life, yet afraid to admit it. I also know what it’s like for that disappointment to gradually morph its way into discouragement, lack of hope, and (in my case) two grueling decades of crippling depression. You might even say my heart was dying of thirst.

Maybe your own circumstances haven’t been quite that drastic, yet now and then you still let out a weary I’d hoped for more sigh. And you secretly hope God has more purpose and connection for you than you’re currently experiencing. Spoiler alert: He does!

Through the years, Jesus has led me down a long road of love, restoration, and recovery that’s led to a much more "easy yoke" way of living. Sure, I’m still learning and growing, and yes, life’s disappointments still come and go. Yet God and I are adventuring our way through life together...and that makes all the difference. 

One of my favorite parts of that adventure is walking alongside thirsty women like YOU, who are ready to embrace the overflowing kind of life Jesus offers. DRINK IN. POUR OUT. REPEAT. I hope you’ll find this website a safe place to do just that!

Your fellow disciple-in-progress,



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