Helping you move forward...



Everyone has a story...


Is there a book idea burning in your heart? 


Maybe you sense God nudging you to tell your story, but you have no idea where to begin. Or maybe you started writing and got muddled in the middle?  


Don't let going it alone freeze you in place...


Make this the year you FINISH your book!


As a published author, I know how challenging it can be to put words on paper that match the "perfect" words in your head. So I've put together the coaching elements I wish I'd had myself! 


My coaching packages include:

  • GUIDANCE through the writing process
  • TIPS for getting organized and staying on track
  • FEEDBACK to increase the impact of your story or message
  • ENCOURAGEMENT to help you finish your book!


Soon you'll be able to:

  • IDENTIFY what's hold you back
  • CHOOSE an approach that works for YOU
  • REDISCOVER the thread of your story or message 
  • FINISH that book and share it with the world!


I look forward to helping you find your stride and move forward! 🙂



  • Writing coaching / 50 minutes$100 / session
  • Writing Coaching / 30 minutes$50 / session
  • Manuscript Review with Feedback$100 / session
  • Coaching Package - BASIC
    (Four 50-min. coaching sessions)$300
    (vs. $400 a la carte)
  • Coaching Package - BUDGET
    (Four 30-min. coaching sessions)$120
    (vs. $200 a la carte)
  • Coaching/Feedback Package - BASIC
    (Four 50-min. coaching sessions + 1 manuscript review)$300
    ($400 a la carte)
  • Coaching/Feedback Package - BUDGET
    (One 50-min. coaching sessions OR a month of text coaching + 1 review)$120
    ($200 a la carte)


  • $100 / session
  • $50 / session
  • $100 / session
  • $300
    (vs. $400 a la carte)
  • $120
    (vs. $200 a la carte)
  • $300
    (vs. $300 a la carte)
  • $120
    (vs. $120 a la carte)

Also available...

Don't have a lot of time or money?



  • $15/week


  • $55/month


“Kim is a phenomenal coach! If you are looking for a coach who will be your greatest cheerleader and closest companion on the vulnerable journey of pursuing your dreams, then Kim’s the person you want by your side!”

Kristin F.

“Working with Kim helped me break my life down into sections instead of being so overwhelmed with the whole thing at once. She is such an encourager and able to help you organize your thoughts as well as well as your past and present. Then she gently helps to point you to your future possibilities. Thanks Kim!”

Dana R.

“Kim helps you wrangle your thoughts, feelings, and fears and guides you by asking the hard, thoughtful questions. She has a unique ability to hear you and translate the chaos into grace-filled clarity, which helps you gain new perspective. And in the midst of it all — she makes you laugh.”

Brenda S.