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If you can say YES to all ten...maybe it's time to find a mentor!
  1. I've surrendered my heart and life to Jesus.
  1. Jesus is the most important person in my life and I have a genuine desire to know Him better and become more like Him.
  1. I have a hunger to know and understand God's Word better, and to fulfill God's purpose for my life.
  1. Though I'm not perfect, I make an honest effort to obey God's Word and learn His ways.
  1. I have room in my schedule for mentoring or I'm willing to make room by clearing my schedule.
  1. I can be relied on to keep appointments, or call right away if something unexpected happens.
  1. I'm willing to complete mentoring assignments to the best of my ability - out of respect for my mentor and because I know obedience & follow-thru are essential to my growth.
  1. I'm willing to sever all ties with my old way of life, and am not offended by accountability or gentle correction.
  1. I'm willing to be brave enough to be authentic because I realize deception doesn't produce growth.
  1. More than anything else, I want to know Christ better...and become more like Him!